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All my miniature art is wood burned and hand painted onto two different wooden base types.

Tree Branch Slices
These slices are firstly sanded smooth to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. I then draw the design onto the surface and wood burn the slice to make the design permanent. At this point I treat the wood with linseed oil which gives the wood a deeper hue. Alternatively I hand paint the permanently wood burned design and give the piece coats of varnish to protect and highlight the painted art work.

Precut Birch Shapes.
These shapes are of a uniform size unlike Tree Branch Slices which have their own unique dimensions. Precut Birch Shapes are treated in exactly the same way as with Tree Branch Slices. Shapes which are presently available come in circle, heart and fish form.
All items are designed by myself. You will see a repeat of certain designs throughout the catalogue to make it possible for you to have matching pieces in various forms.